Play makes for contented children

So it’s important for us to be part of the struggle to help more children enjoy safe, playful childhoods.

Our vision is happy, playful children in a safe world. Thanks to the toys we sell, we’re able to provide safer, more playful childhoods also for children who live in difficult circumstances. So we’ve been supporting the World Childhood Foundation since 2017.

”Social commitment has been part of our business for many years. We know we’re able to make a difference,” says CEO Jonas Aronsson.

The World Childhood Foundation fights to give every child the opportunity to grow into strong, untroubled and responsible people. For 75 years, we’ve seen how our toys stimulate a child’s eagerness to play and learn. Our social commitment helps us do the same thing, and much more for many more children.

”Play is incredibly important if children are to develop and feel at ease. So being able to work together with the toy manufacturer feels especially good for us,” says Paula Guillet de Montoux, General Secretary of the World Childhood Foundation.

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