Frequently asked questions

What’s the scale of the Lundby doll’s house?

Scale 1:18.

Does all Lundby furniture fit in all the doll’s houses?

Furniture equipped with lighting powered via electric wiring will only work in doll’s houses fitted with electrical systems. Otherwise, all furniture fits all doll’s houses.

Can I change my dolls’ clothes and move their arms and legs?

Yes. All Lundby family dolls are jointed and their arms, legs and head move. You can put on and take off their clothes.

Which doll's houses will the garden fit?

The garden fits Creative, Classic, Premium, former Lundby Småland doll’s houses, Life and Lundby Room in various combinations up to the maximum dimension 66 cm.

Can I pour water in the Holiday pool?

No, we don’t recommend that. Careless water play in the pool may harm the electrical system, wallpaper, floors and furniture in the doll’s house.

Are there stairs in the Life or Creative doll’s houses?

Neither Life nor Creative are fitted with stairs. There are stairs for purchase as an accessory that can be attached to the front of the doll’s house. The colour of the stairs differs from houses other than Life and Room. For further information about the stairs, read the answer to the question in the following link:

Can I use the Creative stickers in other doll's houses?

Sorry, unfortunately not. These stickers are intended solely for Creative, which has walls with smooth surfaces.

Is Premium the same doll’s house as Småland?

Premium and Småland use the same electrical systems and wallpapers. Premium comes with a remote control that you don’t get with Småland.

Is Stockholm the same house as Holiday?

Yes, it’s the same house, but with a new name.

Which doll’s house can I change the walls in?

You can change walls in Life, Room and Creative.

What’s the voltage of the voltage converter?


How many lights can I connect inside doll’s houses fitted with electrical systems?

You can connect up to 36 lights per house and voltage converter in doll’s houses fitted with electrical systems. There is no limit in Life, Room and Creative doll’s houses as the lighting is battery-powered.

Can I use the voltage converter in Creative, Life and Room?

No. Voltage converters cannot be used in Life, Room and Creative, as these doll’s houses are not fitted with electrical systems.

Will older doll's houses and lights work with a new voltage converter?

Yes, anything between 4 and 5V will work, but it may not work perfectly. The lights may shine more or less sharply depending on the combination. Lundby has always used a power supply of 4-5V. The voltage converter has had a voltage of 5V since 2011. It used to be 4.5V.

Can I use an old voltage converter for a new house?

No, we don’t recommend that. Lundby is unable to guarantee that everything will work perfectly and that short circuit protection is available/working.

Can I use a different voltage converter to the Lundby one, with a voltage of 4 or 5V?

No. Lundby electrical accessories may only be used together with a Lundby voltage converter in a Lundby doll’s house.

Can I use the voltage converter in Creative?

No. You can’t use the voltage converter in the Creative house because this house doesn’t come with an electrical system.

What do I do if I want lighting in Life, Room and Creative?

There are several different battery-powered Lundby lamps that are ideal for use in these doll’s houses.

Is there anything I need to bear in mind before I connect the remote control to my new “Remote control ready” doll’s house?

Yes, it’s important to use the right Lundby voltage converter model (separate accessory) for the remote control kit as using the wrong model will destroy the electrical system in the doll’s house and the lower storey. Check carefully to ensure that the technical data for the voltage converter is as follows: Voltage: 230VAC/50Hz. Output: 5 VDC 1900mA 9.5W.

Which houses can I use with the remote control?

Only houses labelled “Remote control ready” can be used with a remote control. You’ll find this on the back of the houses with this function; Premium and Småland (601014).

Can I use my old Lundby Doll’s house, which is not Remote control ready, with a lower storey that is Remote control ready?

Yes, but only without a remote control. To connect the receiver to the remote control, you have to have an upper storey that’s “Remote control ready”.

Can I connect a “Remote control ready” doll’s house to a non-“Remote control ready” lower storey?

Yes, but only without a remote control. You can use the remote control on the doll’s house if you don’t connect the doll’s house and the lower storey together using the cable supplied (with the lower storey). Instead, buy a voltage converter and connect the doll’s house and lower storey with one voltage converter each.

Can I connect more than one lower storey to my doll’s house and get the remote control to work?

No. The remote control can only be used with one lower storey.

How many lower storeys fitted with electrical systems can I connect together without the remote control?

We recommend that you only connect one lower storey fitted with an electrical system to your doll’s house. If you connect the power to multiple lower storeys, there is a risk of the short-circuit protection failing to work. But if you want a second lower storey, you can buy another voltage converter that you connect to the other lower storey ONLY.

My doll’s house is fitted with an electrical system, but the lights do not work; what is wrong?

Check that the button on the back of the house is in the right position, “Standard mode/Remote control mode”, depending on which one you want to use.

When I use my doll’s house with the remote control, the lights go out after a couple of hours if nobody’s playing with it. How come?

That’s exactly what it should be doing. When the remote control’s receiver is connected, there is a memory that switches off the power after about 2 hours if none of the buttons on the remote control have been pressed.

Will my old electrically powered lights for a doll’s house with remote control work, or do I need special lights?

You don’t need any special lights. All electrically powered lights fit all doll’s houses with built-in electrical systems.

How does the music furniture with Bluetooth work?

You connected by searching for a new device to pair with in the Bluetooth settings on your phone/computer/tablet. The device is called Lundby. When you’ve done this, you should be able to play music through your music furniture via your phone/computer/tablet. You can increase and reduce the volume from your phone/computer/tablet. For more details, see the description supplied with the product or the product information at

Everything seems to be connected, but I still can’t hear anything. Why is that?

Check the audio settings on the device you’re playing music from. It can’t be set to mute, and the volume must be on. If you don’t hear any sound from your music furniture, switch it off and check your phone/computer/tablet has sound without being connected to your music furniture. When the phone/computer/tablet is connected to the music furniture correctly, you won’t hear any sound from your phone/computer/tablet. For more details, see the description supplied with the product or the product information at

I’ve connected my music player to a house with a remote control. When I use the remote control to turn off the lights in the room where the music player is, the sound stops. But when I switch the lights back on, the music doesn’t start again. Why is that?

That’s correct. When the power supply is switched off, the music furniture loses its contact with your phone/computer/tablet so you have to restart it. Just restarting the music on your phone/computer/tablet usually works.

How long does battery-powered lighting stay on?

Lights stay on for 15 minutes in each set with the exception of ”Måne + Ballong” lighting set and the disco ball in the “Party” accessory set, which stay on for 30 minutes.

Which doll's houses does the Lundby Stairs accessory work with?

Lundby Stairs works with doll’s houses made from the year 2000 onwards. The colour of the stairs differs from the doll’s house frame colours other than on Life and Room. All you have to do is attach the stairs to the frame of your doll’s house. If the doll’s house has multiple floors, you can join several stairs.

How do I attach the stairs to the doll's house?

The stairs attach to the frame on the front. The stairs can be attached in two ways – outwards or alongside the front.

What do I do if I want lighting in Life, Room and Creative?

There are several different battery-powered Lundby lamps that are ideal for use in these doll’s houses.

Will battery-powered lighting work in older doll's houses?

There are several different battery-powered Lundby lamps that are ideal for use in all doll’s houses.

Does the remote control work with the new battery-powered lighting?

No, unfortunately not. You switch the lights on and off individually by pressing the actual lamp or the little button on the base of the lamp.

Will Life work with an older lower storey?

Yes, there is no problem size wise. However, it’s not possible to connect electricity between Life and lower stories fitted with electrical systems. For lighting, connect a voltage converter to the lower storey for electrically powered lighting, or use battery powered lighting. Note that the colour of the frame in Life is different from older lower storeys.

Can I build Room anyway I want?

Yes, you can put it together in any number of ways. It’s a good idea to use the clips provided to keep things steady.

I want a lower storey for Life or other doll's houses; which Room combinations will fit?

If you want a lower storey with Life’s precise dimensions, the following combinations will fit:
• 1 × Room 44 cm + 1 × Room 22 cm
• 3 × Room 22 cm
• 2 × Room 33 cm. If you would like this combination, you need to remove the part (2B/2F) located in the centre underneath the doll’s house base. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to remove this part in some older doll’s houses, so you need to fit the modules with a few millimetres’ clearance.

But why not think outside the box? For example, if you use 2 × Room 44 cm, you can fit a little sun terrace on the edge. There are many possibilities, and only your imagination sets the limits for how to build and extend your Lundby doll’s house!