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Lundby Premium gives you access to everything you might possibly need for your doll's house! All the rooms are set up for a power supply, and when you buy your house you'll also receive a remote control so that you can switch the lights on and off in each room individually. This beautiful house comes with an open plan layout and beautiful wallpapers from Sandberg Wallpaper. Create your own dream world with fun furniture and accessories for your doll's house! Who lives in your house? And what do they get up to? Let your imagination take you on an adventure in the miniature world of your doll's house. The house can be easily extended with an additional floor and a summer garden. The windows and balcony door can be opened. Electrical accessories are connected using the Lundby power supply. The lights are really the icing on the cake switching on the lights in your doll's house is a very special feeling!

Technical information

Size: 750x260x390 mm

From age: 4+

Assembly description

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Designed by authentic interior designers!

Ann Morsing and Beban Nord is the designer duo that creates many of the pieces of furniture and decorations that adorn your doll’s house. The Holiday doll’s house is among their designs and they’ve also totally renovated the Premium model to its appearance today, as well as earlier versions of the Småland house. They earn their everyday living as architects and furniture designers for shops, offices and other types of commercial premises. But now and then they create miniature designs – dolls’ houses!

”Making dolls’ houses is a lot of fun. We develop ideas together. We truly identify with the dolls and their lives. Like what do they do with their days; and how would they like things at home?” they explain.

Is there big difference in making doll’s house furniture and making ”real” furniture?
”Developing and sketching out ideas works just the same, but there’s a big difference when it’s time to make the product itself. Real furniture must cope with adults sitting on it, but doll’s house furniture must cope with play,” they tell us.

Designed by authentic interior designers!