Lundby Do-it-yourself
Make your own personal mark

Furniture and accessories in untreated wood

Five fun, creative sets

Design together

Create and design as you like

Make your own personal mark on your Lundby world! Do-it-yourself from Lundby is doll’s house furniture and accessories in untreated wood, allowing you to paint or decorate them just as you like. The only limit is your imagination!

Maybe you want to cover your chairs with matching fabric? Or paint the legs of the bed so that they match the wall? Or you can keep all the furniture just as it is. The furniture and accessories are just as attractive on a shelf as in your doll’s house.

Get creative!

Decorating your doll’s house furniture is great fun! In this folder, you will find inspiration, tips and tricks to get your creative mind working.

Before you get started, remember to always have a grown up with you. Let them help you if something is tricks. Never use sharp tools or materials without a grown up around. Have fun!

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