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Tiny feathers on tiny branches

AT LUNDBY WE EMBRACE THE SWEDISH EASTER TRADITION WITH FEATHERS IN A BOUQUET OF BRANCHES. Make your own tiny one with this DIY-tip from Petra, one of our Lundby Doll's House enthusiasts!

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Read this before you get started


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  • Here's how!

  • 1 Decorate the screw cork with some décor plastic, Petra used one with a marble pattern which fit nicely into her doll’s house.
  • 2 Fill the bottom of the cork with liquid glue.
  • 3 Stick the tiny branches into it.
  • 4 Wait until the glue is dry and decorate the branches with some thin wire and tiny pieces of easter feathers.
  • This is what you need

  • A screw cork
  • Patterned decor plastic
  • Liquid glue
  • Tiny branches
  • Easter feathers
  • Thin wire

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