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Picnic blanket for your party


Read this before you get started


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  • Here's how!

  • 1 Cut out a large piece of fabric in the size you want your blanket to be.
  • 2 Measure the size of the blanket, and then cut out squares from all three pieces of fabric so you have room for about four or five squares, both lengthways and widthways.
  • 3 Before you start to glue, lay out the squares on the blanket so you can see how they look next to each other. When you’re happy with your pattern, it’s time to glue the squares onto the blanket.
  • 4 Take the embroidery needle and thread, and sew an overstitch around the border of the whole blanket in a shell tuck pattern. On the internet there are many excellent instructional pictures which show how to sew a fine shell tuck stitch.
  • This is what you need

  • Fabric in three different patterns/colours
  • Fabric glue
  • An embroidery yarn
  • An embroidery needle

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