Swedish design and function – and play!

Modern dream homes - in a tiny format!

Our doll’s houses are typical examples of modern dream homes – in miniature format: 1:18 scale.

All of our houses are based on the same fundamental belief – that the urge to play lies in the details. And this conviction obviously applies to the interior design, fixtures and furniture too. For instance: we were the first in the world to install electric lighting in our doll’s houses.

Light up your Lundby!

All Lundby houses are made from a robust plastic that does not contain environmentally detrimental softeners or other undesirable substances. Plastic has been chosen so that a lighting system can be safely incorporated in the product and in every room. It’s easy to install lights in your doll’s house. Just connect the Lundby power supply to the house. Lighting up the house is always fun and creates a warm and cosy atmosphere. You can connect up to 36 lighting points and bring even more light to your house.

Lundby electrical accessories may only be used together with a Lundby power supply in a Lundby doll’s house.

The architects behind

Beban Nord and Ann Morsing at Box Design are the architects behind the design of Stockholm and the modernisation of Småland.

“It all began when we were asked to design a modern doll’s house, which resulted in Lundby Stockholm. That assignment was both a lot of fun and different, and a whole new way of working,” says Beban.

Beban and Ann are interior architects and product designers who usually work with the interior design of boutiques, public areas, offices and other premises.

Box Design has also designed the makeovers and modernisations of Stockholm 2010 and Småland 2011. The collaboration continues, and both Beban and Ann appreciate the work format: Regular meetings, ball planking, and using their own and others’ children as a panel of experts when the time comes to test the new pilot products.


We also have another design collaboration in place with the artist Lisa Rinnevuo. She has created mini versions of her paintings for Lundby and in 2012 she designed her own version of Lundby Småland. It was auctioned at Stockholms Auktionsverk (auction house) on behalf of SOS Children’s villages.