It all started in Lundby

The story of Lundby doll’s house begins in 1945, when Axel and Grete Thomsen moved back to Sweden from Denmark. They settled down in a small neighbourhood named Lundby in the northern part of Gothenburg. Grete started designing and building a doll’s house and furniture for her niece.

These were so appreciated by the niece and her friends that Axel began to consider turning it into a business. Two years later Ferd Lundqvist & Co., (nowadays NK department store) placed the first order for no less than SEK 325. Grete and Axel spent SEK 320 of this money to buy new tools, so they could eventually introduce the first, homemade doll’s house collection. The first doll’s house factory opened the following year.

Lundby has continued to grow and flourish, always taking the lead in contemporary houses and furniture. This has always been the core of our business: the love for contemporary design and what it will look like through the eyes of a child when he or she creates a world of their own.