About Lundby doll's houses

Lundby Doll’s house is a fantastic toy, full of playful possibilities. In the world of Lundby, you call the shots and you’re only limited by your imagination!

We believe that durability and quality are essential, and accordingly we work hard to achieve both. But we devote just as much time and energy to our design and architecture. We want our houses to reflect the age in which we live – from the very foundations to the curtain pelmet in the kitchen – and that’s why we carefully monitor the fads and trends prevailing within style, design and fashion. This inspires us to produce better, even more beautiful products. Come with us into the inspiring world of Lundby Doll’s house!

Lighting - an important part of Lundby

All our doll's houses are made with the same thought - that the joy of play lies in the details. This applies to the furniture and accessories as well, of course. For example, we were the first to add electrical lights in doll's houses. Now the lighting's battery operated, for an unlimited number of lights in your doll's house.

How it all began!

The story of Lundby doll’s house begins in 1945, when Axel and Grete Thomsen moved back to Sweden from Denmark. They settled down in a small neighbourhood named Lundby in the northern part of Gothenburg. Grete started designing and building a doll’s house and furniture for her niece.