Toy of the Year

The doll's house with all the right features

The Lundby Life doll’’s house has everything you might possibly need to create your very own fantasy world! This fun doll’’s house comes with beautiful wallpapers from Sandberg Wallpaper and doors painted in a variety of bright colours.

Lundby Life

Makes it easy to start with Lundby

Create your very own dream house with Lundby Room! Do you need an apartment in a high-rise building, a little cottage or a lower floor for your Lundby doll’’s house? Create room for play by adding more modules upwards or outwards.

Lundby Room

Personalise and customise

Make your own personal mark on your Lundby furniture. Lundby Do-it-yourself is furniture and accessories in untreated wood, ready for you to decorate just as you like.

Lundby DIY

Read our Magazine

Are the dolls in your doll’s house in need of a flat or a house? Maybe they’d like a school or a holiday cottage? Whatever they need – or what you want – you’ll find all the inspiration you need in our magazine Lundby World. Here you can find our products as well as inspiration and crafts for your doll’s house.

Read Lundby World

Crafts and inspiration

Get creative! Decorate your doll’s house with cute things you’ve make out of paper, fabric, toothpicks and other things you have at home. We’ve gathered tips, inspiration and how-to guides for lots of crafts for your doll’s house.

Play & crafts