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Want to change wallpaper?

Give your walls a fresh look with new wallpaper.

Pick your favourite wallpaper and room, press print and you are ready to give your doll’s house a new look!

But before you get started, go to your desktop computer and visit www.lundby.com (or make the browser window bigger if you are already on a desktop), because this is better suited to a bigger screen and printer, not a mobile phone or tablet.

Good luck with your decoration!

Give your walls new life with new wallpaper.
Pick your favourite and print.

Change Wallpaper

Step 1


Step 2

Choose house

Step 3

Choose room



You’ll need: scissors, wallpaper paste, white paper

Important: Make sure you print the pdf in full scale and not “fit to page” or other options that might change the proportions of the wallpaper. Use the ruler on the printed page to make sure the scale is correct.



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